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Some cool stuff

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Happy Friday! Here are a few cool things I’ve found around the web. Hope you enjoy

I LOVE Shawn Wolfe’s posters and illustrations. Browse around his site for inspiration and entertainment.

Wondering what its like to be a designer? Check out this crazy site! Are your eyes bleeding yet?

I love the idea of these plants in a can! I’ve been trying to grow my own veggies but I’m no master gardener and don’t have a ton of space so I love that this makes it so easy

Speaking of veggies… I love these clever dental floss ads. They also comes in corn and broccoli. This is a great site for browsing a lot of ads.

Man oh man this site never fails to make me laugh!

Another fun site to peruse. I love these google map envelopes (although they are not yet a reality).

I also love these customized band-aids. Genius!

Need to send a message that an email just won’t quite communicate? Try this.

Google TV?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Google, Intel and Sony are collaborating on a new platform currently called “Google TV”. This would likely lead to the development of set-top boxes and integrated hardware in future consumer screens to utilize the platform. Content focus would be to merge social applications, digital television, and local digital files. Additionally, the current plan is to base the platform on the Android operating system, allowing developers to quickly produce another set of open source applications for users of Google TV.

How does this measure up? A win for Sony, being a leader in entertainment technology. Intel is getting involved because the technology will be run on their Atom chips. And Google? They want to be able to leverage their advertising to take over consumer eyes sitting on their couch at home.

Personally, I believe they should drop the “TV” moniker to use a more relevant current name, like “Google Screen”. Some people might get the idea that it is specific to television, and wouldn’t provide a complete media service.

This may be another set-top box, similar to Boxee’s beautiful set-top they recently released. Apple TV? Assume this will be far superior. Time to start developing Android apps which will run on your home theater system? Yes, please.

Evaluating the Buzz

Friday, February 12th, 2010

googlebuzzGoogle’s recent release of Buzz has been surrounded by hype and questions. Only a couple days after its release, it remains to be seen if this new social networking tool will actually take off.  Could it really become one of the social networking elite, or fall flat like Wave?

What is Buzz all about?
Currently, it shares a spot somewhere between Twitter and Facebook. It can be open to the public like Twitter, or updates can be private like Facebook. The API is open to developers in the same way Twitter is, but access is limited to those who own a Google account (similar to Facebook). You can send out short text updates to your followers, but it also has built-in media sharing capabilities such as: Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Google Reader, Picasa, and YouTube. It only takes one click to tie in each service, as most of those services already belong to Google. You can have Buzz send out an update whenever you post to any of these services, or you can choose not to share. And just like Twitter and Facebook, Buzz is available on your phone to share from anywhere you happen to be. (more…)

Resolution | Building A Better Coop

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Fads. None of us are immune to them all the time, it’s just that some are easier to resist than others.

For instance, brown was never the “New Black” for me, it was just brown. Chickens, on the other hand, now those were a fad I just couldn’t pass up.


Fluffy Yellow Chicks? I’ll take 5 of those Silver Laced Wyandotte’s please! We’re allowed to have 3 hens, but I figured there might be some natural attrition. I also allowed for human error that 1 or 2 might turn out to be Roosters. We watched in awe as the chicks went from fluffy, to gawky to beautiful. Well, all but one of them. I would stand out by the run watching them, the sun glinting magically off their iridescent tail feathers and remark to my partner “Baby, they’re so pretty! Except that one, why is she so ugly?” And then, one day, we heard a tentative, garbled Rrrrr-rrrrr-rrrrr. The ugly one, it turned out was our only hen. (more…)

I Accept the Challenge

Friday, January 8th, 2010
007-crazy 3D stripes

007-crazy 3D stripes

In response to Tweedle C’s post about Smashing Magazine’s Design Something Every Day challenge, I have accepted and am recording my progress in my blog, Holodek 365. So far, so good! I have managed to take some time out of each day (seven whole days so far!) and create something. I have heard that a 1000 mile journey begins with a single step or seven. Anyway, the idea is to keep your design time to under a half hour per day but sometimes I get carried away. I do, however, find myself looking forward to it each day. I can’t wait to make something and I especially can’t wait to see what other people have done. It is truly inspirational to see others progress, commitment and creativity from blog layouts to simple sketches to photography to type treatment, etc. They are all searchable on Twitter with #daily365.

It was recommended to go with a theme for your designs. Maybe for one month, try to design something retro. For another month try typographic posters. The possibilities are endless. I have decided to keep it simple and vector in the beginning and follow some Adobe Illustrator tutorials. I run across them all the time while doing research for projects at work but never have time to try them. Now I a just add them to my list as I come across them.

Mobile Mobile

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

It seems everyone here insists on torturing me with holiday music. I don’t hate it, I just don’t really like it and I definitely do not need to listen to it every day for three weeks. I can block it out with my big headphones and my own heavy metal holiday meltdown mix including Black Sabbath’s Snow Blind and Judas Priest’s Evening Star and Slayer’s Jesus Saves. Festive, eh?

Anyway, I ran across this video of Mobile Mobile an interactive installation by James Theophane and it caused me take a break from my usual metal massacre, get inspired and actually enjoy a traditional holiday song.

Experience Mobile Mobile from James Théophane Jnr on Vimeo.

Mobile Mobile is a large sculpture  made of recycled mobile phones that hangs in the lobby of LBi, a marketing and technology agency in the UK. The sculpture plays Choir of the Bells when you tweet it. You can also play it live like a great big circular piano thing with your keyboard. Check it out!

mobile tree

Happy Holidays.

Social Media Without the Browser

Monday, December 21st, 2009

feedalizrTwitter, FaceBook, MySpace, Digg, these are all great websites.  People use them to reconnect with friends, let people know what they are up to, offer customer discounts, and more.  Some people don’t use their computers for anything but these services and others like them.  While Google sees this fact and is moving forward with their idea that the browser should be the OS (Chrome OS), applications are popping up everywhere to help you maintain your statuses, and update your systems easier.

With the power of Adobe Air, every desktop can get some simple applications that tie into your different social media accounts.  One great one is feedalizr.  It can connect to FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr and more.  With this one application, you have access to all your favorite social media without waiting for your browser to load, and eating up your RAM with a ton of different tabs.

If you happen to be using Ubuntu Linux, you may be interested in some of the upcoming changes for the upcoming 10.4 release.  This next release is supposed to include a new feature called the Me Menu.  If you have twitter and Facebook accounts, this new menu is going to allow you to update your statuses and also tie you into the Ubuntu One online storage.  Pretty rad.

The line between offline and online is blurring more and more, and it’s interesting to see how this affects software development.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Picture this: you are at a beautiful wedding. the bride is gorgeous in white, the ceremony has begun, the couple are seconds away from officially becoming “man and wife” and…. the groom pauses to post a tweet?

This really happened over the weekend when Dana Hanna paused momentarily, pulled out his cell phone and tweeted the following:


So, this begs the question: at what point does the speed demon of social media become a train wreck? The internet abounds with examples of destructive social media endeavors, but the one we’ll share today is the Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Let’s get at it. This list is in no particular order of importance. There is no hierarchy of social media sins. And for those reluctant to reform, you can’t simply choose the least of the seven evils and get away with it – they are all bad. (more…)

Use your social media manners!

Friday, December 4th, 2009


As with anything, there is a time, place, and etiquette surrounding social media. Without some simple guidelines, social media has and will get completely out of control. Here’s some genius ideas to keep you and your brand worry free and always looking your best.

Social media mimics real relationships — in many cases. Would you do the following within real face-to-face relationships?

  • Jump on the friendship bandwagon without properly introducing yourself?
  • Consistently talk about yourself and promote only yourself without regard for those around you?
  • Randomly approach a friend you barely talk to and simply ask for favors — repeatedly?
  • Introduce yourself to another person as “Pink House Gardening?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need a refresher course on social media etiquette — and perhaps real-life etiquette also. Here are some egregious sins that you must not perform on social media sites. Avoid these violations and learn how to manage and maintain online relationships on a variety of popular social media sites. (more…)

“Twitter” is named Word of the Year

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Each year, the Global Language Monitor announces the most popular word of the year. The monitor uses an algorithm to track social media searches, internet searches, etc. to determine a word’s popularity.

This year marks the first year that a technology word has taken first place; usually the most popular search terms are related to events happening in the world. “Twitter” has surpassed “Obama”, “H1N1″, and even “Michael Jackson”.

For more information, read the entire article here.