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Zoom Creates Capabilities: The more the merrier!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

It has come to light recently, through the course of not one, but two separate jobs, that Zoom Creates has more capabilities than we initially thought. Besides the things Zoom is known for, including design, all things digital, marketing strategy, relationship marketing and of course social media brilliance, we have happily discovered that we are a powerhouse of digital audio creation.

When it comes to voiceovers, professional podcast creation, radio ad production and improving quality of pre-recorded audio files, Zoom Creates is definitely your team of choice. Because we are under strict NDA for the two projects I mentioned, I am unable to post them here. I had originally intended to post the latest and greatest (and first) super fabulous music video brought to you by Pink Noise. Unfortunately, the magic isn’t ready for mass release quite yet. Our very own Kurtis Holsapple, member of the legendary Pink Noise Boys and audio/digital wizard, will be kind enough to share it with us once it is perfected.

In lieu of the Pink Noise video, I give you Elton John and the Muppets. No correlation whatsoever, but please do enjoy.

Awards Season

Monday, September 21st, 2009

halle-berry-oscarsIn the design, web and marketing world, it’s nearly always award season. There are the HOW Awards, the Communication Arts Awards, the Summit International Awards, the Direct Marketing Awards, the Webby Awards and let us not forget our very own Portland Rosey Awards. The list is nearly endless. Every week, new mailers arrive on my desk that offer us the opportunity to pay a handsome fee to enter our work in their contests, with the promise of accolades, high profile judges and fancy trophies. So many categories! Such gorgeous awards!

Of course, the awards will cost you. Your merit and creativity alone, the applaud of the high profile judges, your entry fee, none of those earn you an actual award. For that you must pay another fee, plus shipping to have the illustrious award delivered, plus extra for the engraving.

Yes, it’s a bit silly. But it’s our way. In our industry, awards are currency—they boost our self-esteem and put us on the map. Awards give you street cred. It’s sort of like getting street cred in high school because the popular girl let you buy her a milkshake, but it’s credit nonetheless. And so we enter the awards contests, we share our victories, we drool over the fancy judges, and yes, we even pay to have the trophy shipped to us, with engraving. All for the sweet smell of victory.

What Happens Behind the Curtain

Friday, July 17th, 2009

On A Deadline

Here at Zoom Creates, we like to think of marketing, web development, design and account services as a bit of an art. We are professionals, after all, who fine-tune our craft with the focus and detail of a team of surgeons.

There are times, though, when the rubber meets the road, a deadline is just around the corner and things get messy. Fun, but messy. We look around for the secret talents that lie within our Zoom family, because sometimes a project needs one final edit to make it perfect and it needs to be an inside job.

This is one of the joys of working at Zoom Creates: each of our members possess an arsenal of talent for the work they do 40 hours a week. But what about the other 128 hours out of the week? Well … take a look.

On any given day, you may find a Zoomer seeking out Complementary Colors for a daily photo blog, or perhaps applying makeup for an upcoming stage appearance with Pink Noise. You might run into one of our principals at a model train show, or see a Zoomer at a specialty shoe shop feeding her passion for footwear. Other Zoomers take pleasure in gallivanting across the globe, taking the Flat Design Team with them, or brewing their own Craft Beer (pun intended).

Regardless of how the other 128 hours are spent, as a firm we take great pride in the abilities we exhibit in and out of the office. And if you’re wondering what’s taking place behind the curtain in the photo above, just know that we will make the deadline for the project at hand and the result will be fabulous—even if the production itself was not glamorous. And we’ll have  had a great time producing the results-oriented work we are known for.

When It Rains, It Pours.

Friday, July 3rd, 2009


I was combing the grocery store aisles last week because I needed salt for a recipe. I didn’t need just ANY salt, though. I wanted the very best salt. I saw a plethora of different brands, some name brands and others generic. The one that stood out, of course, was Morton’s Salt. It was packaged better, and featured a nifty little pour spout that the others lacked. Besides that, I’ve known since childhood that the round blue box contained the best salt in the world. How did I know that? Marketing, my friends.

The branding of Morton’s salt began in 1911 with a significant image that has evolved over the years, but essentially stayed the same. We are all familiar with the little girl and umbrella holding a box of salt pouring out behind her, amidst the rain. Her tagline is “When it rains, it pours.” Why? Because in 1914, Morton’s salt publicized their claim to fame: their salt contained magnesium carbonate, an anti-caking agent that allowed the salt to pour freely even in great humidity or rain. Today Morton’s salt doesn’t contain magnesium carbonate anymore; rather, it contains calcium silicate, an equally anti-caking alternative.

So that must mean that Morton’s is indeed the better salt, thus the higher price tag and much higher annual sales. Not too fast: upon reading the ingredients for other leading and generic salt brands I found that they, too, contain anti-caking agents which allow them to also  pour freely in the rain. What is the Morton’s secret, then? Brand. Brand. Brand.


I am a Mac.

Friday, June 26th, 2009


Welcome to Nineteen Forty One, the newest addition to the list of creative concepts from Zoom Creates. This is the Etc. post; it will happen without fail every Friday. Sometimes it will feature a rant, other times a rave.

Let me first begin by saying that my name is Lisa Harvey, and I am an account executive at Zoom Creates. But more importantly I am a recovering PC, also known as a Mac. Although a blog is far too short to go on at length about why I switched over from PC to Mac, one thing I can tell you is I will never go back. There is something to be said for the feeling you get when you are owned by a Mac. Life becomes easier, prettier, more organized and more fun. You get to join a group of elitists, but why? Why is Mac the creme de la creme? Besides a fabulous user platform and interface, what it comes down to is marketing.

Ask any Mac fanatic what the pivotal moment for Apple Computers was and they will tell you that things really took off with a little ditty of a Superbowl commercial back in 1984. The commercial was a play off of George Orwell’s totalitarian vision of the future, and the tagline stated “Why 1984 won’t be like 1984.” And it wasn’t. (more…)