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A little humor for font snobs

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Someone forwarded me this type related comic the other day. It made me laugh, but it also made think about how many type or design related comics, jokes and parodies that have been sent my way over years. So, I’ve rounded some of them up to share. Enjoy — and feel free to send along your favorite bit of type humor.

Lets start with a few type jokes:

Four fonts walk into a bar.
The barman says, “Get out! We don’t want your type in here.”

What did the horse say to Bordeaux?
Why the long type face?

What did Helvetica say to Arial?
You’re such a copy cat.

A sans-serif face walks into the street and is hit by a Swiss Modernist truck. The carnage is grotesk… but you know, akzidenz happen.

Why did the traveling typeface salesman cross the road?
Because he forgot his Suitcase!

And of course The Onion has had some good type related pieces:

Helvetica Bold Sweeps the Fontys

Extra slanty italics for more emphasis

Resume font offends employer

And lets not forget, Alpha-Bits, now with serifs!

And finally I’ll leave you with a few other random items:

Type Obituaries – I agree, it is about time to retire a few typefaces.

Lady Gaga-esque Ode to a Typeface

And my all time favorite, not really type related but too good to pass up: Make my logo bigger, now in an easy to apply cream!