3 indications your hotel’s SEO is destroying your bookings

Does your hotel website really need SEO help? Check for yourself before paying someone you’ve only talked to once over the phone.

Hotel SEO slimeball

“…and they didn’t even ask me what SEO meant!”

You’ve probably been told your hotel’s website needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but how would you know if this is true? Simple, how good your hotel SEO stands right now can be determined by following these three Google searches. Then you can feel confident on telling the person on the phone “We’re doing just fine, thank you!” 

1. Search for your hotel’s name.

Your hotel should be number one on the page. If you are not in the first position, this could mean your website is not optimized enough for your brand.

Search for hotel by name

The listings in the yellow boxes don’t count, those are paid ads. They may be yours, but probably not.


2. Search for hotels in your area.

For example, use the search term “hotels in Hillsboro Oregon.” Your hotel should show up within two pages. If it doesn’t, this may mean that search engines don’t believe your website is relevant enough for a search of hotels.

Search the area for your hotel

A hotel’s location is more important to the business than those medium size towels.


3. Search for your hotel’s address.

Your hotel should be the only listing displayed. If the results display other business names, this indicates that search engines do not know the correct address of your hotel.

Hotel Address Search on Google

At the least… you have to make sure your hotel’s address is correct.


Finding your true self

If you had trouble finding your own hotel with this search, your customers are not finding you either. These indicators reflect the need for local hotel SEO, a part of today’s standard marketing for hotels.ZoomKeeper Online Reputation Management Report

Our clients use our tool called ZoomKeeper. This reputation management tool shows how a company’s information is shared across the internet. ZoomKeeper monitors logistical information such as address and phone numbers as well as reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp and CitySearch. As a busy hotelier, you need one tool to help you respond to any negative reviews and give you the ability to share positive reviews on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. And you need to know if your next client can find you with just a few clicks.

ZoomKeeper is free to try. Follow this link to receive a free ZoomKeeper Manifest report that will outline the following:

  • Number of different business names, URLs, physical addresses and phone numbers your hotel may have
  • How visible your hotel is on the internet
  • How many listings have accurate, incorrect and missing information
  • Display of actual errors found in listings
  • Aggregated review ratings with sources

Need to know more? Email me anytime. I’ll answer your SEO FAQs ASAP.

You can also get your FREE Manifest report here too.

Thanks to Keith at The Orenco Hotel for letting his hotel be exposed to the world.

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  1. Miles Weston says:

    I found this rather interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed working my way through it.It has inspired me to do a better job of my own blog, as I tend to find it quite difficult to come up with any good ideas to post to be fair but it has certainly broadened my horizons. I was curious what plugins you may use to help your SEO and if you can share any tips on that subject I would be very grateful? I don’t use wordpress on my main website as it does not have that feature in the control panel, as it is quite basic but I do have other smaller websites which I want to use wordpress on to give them more of an internet presence. Keep up the good work.Kind regards.

  2. laura says:

    Miles, thanks for the comment! We actually have a new project we are working on which makes it much easier to get your smaller websites better SEO, you should reach out to us via email (DM@zoomcreates.com). Thanks, Zoom Creators.


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