Some cool stuff

Happy Friday! Here are a few cool things I’ve found around the web. Hope you enjoy

I LOVE Shawn Wolfe’s posters and illustrations. Browse around his site for inspiration and entertainment.

Wondering what its like to be a designer? Check out this crazy site! Are your eyes bleeding yet?

I love the idea of these plants in a can! I’ve been trying to grow my own veggies but I’m no master gardener and don’t have a ton of space so I love that this makes it so easy

Speaking of veggies… I love these clever dental floss ads. They also comes in corn and broccoli. This is a great site for browsing a lot of ads.

Man oh man this site never fails to make me laugh!

Another fun site to peruse. I love these google map envelopes (although they are not yet a reality).

I also love these customized band-aids. Genius!

Need to send a message that an email just won’t quite communicate? Try this.

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