Design Critique – Bring It.

Damnit, Jim. I’m a Cat Herder, not a Designer. But for years now, I have created small media pieces for friends and personal use. This is what happens when you know a lot of people in the NFP (Not For Profit) world, as I do. I decided to open myself up to our team here at Zoom Creates, you know, the Professionals and let them school me on a couple of recent projects

I promise not to cry, or forget to bring the Bagels on Wednesday.

Fundraiser for Human Solutions - My friend Kristan is the Development Director there.

June’s Note: If I had this to do over again, I would not have used Eccentric in the body of the invitation, I would have only used it in the main title/event brand. I actually had to explain to Kristan why I wasn’t going to use that font even more, because, it’s just not that readable in big blocks of text. I was lucky, they had great colors to begin with (Orange, green and Taupe), I just added the pink for a little punch.

This I made specifically for a Facebook application for one of our infamous Game Nights!

June’s Note: I wanted this to be (ironically) Edgy and Dangerous. Our parties are anything but wild. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of fun, but no one is jumping off the roof into our (non-existent) pool, or doing naughty things in the pantry. Just a little Texas Hold ‘em and some Apples to Apples combined with rousing debates on Feminist Theory and the roots of Classism. You know, regular stuff. — Anyway, I think I failed to make it as edgy as I could have, and I’d love some feedback.

Corrina! Greg! Robin! – Have at it!

Mrs. Knightly

(AKA – The one who feeds you)

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2 Responses to “Design Critique – Bring It.”

  1. greg says:

    First of all, June, these are great. I can see your Illustrator tutorials have been paying off and I like the fact that neither one of these pieces uses the fonts Giddyup or Curlz. Shows you have been paying attention.

    For Tea and Treasures, I really like the colors and how the main flower overlaps the green bars. I feel the gray type is a bit hard to read over the petals. This is the most important information and it needs to stand out. Perhaps the large flower could be reduced in size to still over lap the green bars but not interfere with the type. I really like the repetition of the flower as a dingbat that separates the time and address. If you did reduce the size of that main flower, I think the Tea and Treasures logo would not feel so cramped in there. Making the Human Solutions logo smaller would also help alleviate the crowdedness of the Tea and Treasures logo.
    Good call on not making the body copy the typeface Eccentric. It would be hard to read and you would never fit all the copy in there. I think the gray flower in the background could be screened back a little more as it is kind of interfering with the copy. It might be nice to make it huge and have it bleed off the page in that bottom area, placing the center of the flower in a corner.
    I am not sure what to look at in this section. I think there needs to be more of a hierarchy. If you made the sponsors logos smaller you might be able to fit them all on one horizontal line at the bottom. This would free up some space for the rest of your content. Maybe switch the position of the contact info and the blurb about the award. You also might try and not use pink type for the contact info, too. It is important info but really fades into the background when it is pink. Maybe make it all black and all the award copy could be pink. This would help separate it from the top paragraph and the contact info and would help it feel like all one message. When it is 2 colors like it is now, it starts to feel like 2 individual points.
    Overall, I think what you have is a great place to begin. A minimal amount of tweaking will communicate your message more clearly.

    I will let the Tweedles critique the Poker invite.

  2. Greg! I totally agree with you, so I guess I will be bringing bagels in tomorrow after all. My printer at home wasn’t set up yet, so I didn’t have the chance to look at it prior to sending it out. I was pleased overall with the printed result, but immediately saw some issues. I always forget I can fade things back, and I also think one large flower bleeding off the sides and making the top one a smidge smaller would have worked well here. Hierarchy – Duly noted! Thank you so much for your time on this. You all inspire me every day with the beautiful things you make. xoxo


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