2010 Web Design Trend: Introduction Blocks

When you visit a site for the first time, one of the most important elements you can find is an introduction block. We look to the block to greet the visitor, introduce the site, and give a brief description of who they are and what they do. Many sites follow the practice of using an intro block, but it is generally uncommon to see them used on either blogs or e-commerce sites. This block is mainly found in the upper-left area of the page, which is usually be the first area a viewer will look, making it a great place to let the user see your most key information. You’ll notice that today’s intro boxes aren’t scared to break the boundaries. They can be found in new areas of the page and also tend to take up a large chunk of real estate no matter the quantity written. They are bold, beautiful, and a great way to make a first impression. Check out examples of large intro blocks below:

Sold Shops

Seth Said

Kyle Standing

Jason Reed Web Design

Big Cartel

Tobias Baeck

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