2010 Web Design Trend: Increased White Space

Today’s websites are getting cleaner, more streamlined and focused on an increased use of white space. White space refers to the negative space between and around the elements in a design (graphics, type, columns, etc.). Those who are inexperienced with the use of white space may view it as an empty area, and thus a waste of valuable screen real estate. This blank space, however, is extremely beneficial to a design and the usability of a site. White space will make a layout much easier on the eyes. It reduces the amount of text a viewer will see at one time, increasing legibility and helping a visitor quickly find what they are looking for. It can also improve the structure of a site by creating a visual separation of elements, allowing content to stand out from the background. Not only is it functional, increasing space can also give a web site a more professional, uncluttered, and fresh appearance, providing a strong platform on which to present your message. Check out the examples below for excellent uses of white space:


Jason Reynolds

Indie Labs




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