Holiday Design Toolkit

We are hours from the winter shutdown, but we don’t want to leave you without any suprezzies. I’ve uncovered some fun holiday-themed design tools to get you through the upcoming weeks.

1. Make sure you download this fun free aged serif font series called IM FELL (used below). It’s the perfect addition to your holiday cards, table place-holders, and don’t forget the present tags!

2. If you don’t want to spend time drawing your own snowflakes for your holiday window display, just download this set of free snowflake dings for a wide variety of styles, that you won’t have to repeat.

3. Your holiday designs wouldn’t be complete without a few swirls and flourishes. These babies are a toughie to hand draw, so just download this free vector art to spice up your designs. Try overlaying over your seasonal photos for a fun holiday gift to grandma!

4. Need a little nature in your designs? Download this free vector branches and get rustic!

5. Have a craving to make your own special wrapping paper? Download this free demask wallpaper pattern (used below) to make your presents sing!

6. Need a festive frame for those custom cards (seen below)? Download this super collection of vector goodies. Don’t miss out on the deer, birdies, & flourishes. Nontradtionalist? This pack isn’t all just holiday, Create your own wrapping paper using the scull and crossbones as a pattern.

7. Stuck on picking a color theme for your party? Check out 50′s Christmas color pallet on Or maybe the urban holiday pallet is more your speed?

8. Not a designer? Well, we wouldn’t leave you empty handed, check out these pre-made printable designs. They are way too cute. Also, this Spooky Bois Lime Green Paper and gift box isn’t just for Halloween, use it as a festive wrapping paper.

Now get creative and go crazy. If you do use items from the toolkit we would love to check them out, so don’t forget to send your pictures our way! Happy Holidays!

Image made from items in the Holiday Design Toolkit

Image made from items in the Holiday Design Toolkit

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