The lunch-off of the century!

pkvsnohosAugust is officially vacation month. Zoomers and clients alike are taking advantage of the final weeks of summer to head out of town and relax, which leaves those of us left behind with some big responsibilities.

We, for instance, are left with the duty of eating lunch EVERY day. Where to eat? What to order? Whoo. I’m tired already. I need a vacation.

But despite the taxing demands of feeding ourselves every day, I must say we’ve been doing pretty well. We’ve foraged, brought leftovers, ventured out into the neighborhood for sustenance. See, running a marketing communications agency isn’t that hard!

On Thursday, though, Eva raised the stakes. She’s on vacation in California, and suggested from afar that the studio enjoy a delicious lunch from Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe. This got all of us hula’d up, and we dug into a delicious meal of Phil’s Ono Chicken, rice and heavenly macaroni salad. Then Friday rolled around and Tim, not to be outdone, suggested boldly that we partake in a feast from PK Thai in the Pearl. Duty-bound, we agreed. A delicious feast it was.

Taking part in this Zoom Lunch-Off was an incredible challenge, and one that we faced with courage and teamwork. We had some big shoes to fill, but us non-vacationers stepped up and took one for the team. In the end, it was a “thai”, and there was “noho” way we could decide which lavish meal brought more delight to us Zoomers. We were simply happy that we could carry the weight of such responsibility with our chins held high, our stomachs full, and a smile on our faces.


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  1. Greg says:

    hey, i thought i was in charge of the bad puns around here! well done!


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