My computer is gooey…

gooYes, coding is fun.  Super-duper fun even.  But every once in a while we need to turn our brains (mostly) off and recharge.  One of our favorite ways to do that is gaming. Today I’ll share with you one of our favorite games, World of Goo.

This game is made by an independent gaming company called 2D Boy, which is a team of two dudes coding from scratch. It’s super fun, and pretty challenging too. It’s a puzzle game where you can connect little balls of goo together to build connecting supports to move other goo balls around get them to get sucked into tubes. It’s super fun.

Also, this game is DRM free, and runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and the Wii. That’s pretty sweet. As a Linux user, I’m sick of games not coming to my platform. Go buy this game. It’s $20, runs on anything recent and is fun. Great music too.


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