E-Commerce 101

ecommerceThe web sure is great. Can you tell that we love the Internet? You can do so much with it. Need to learn something? Google. Want to buy something? Amazon, eBay or Newegg. Want to sell something? Time to do some research. We are here to help.

If you just want to sell things easily, you can set up an eBay store in a matter of hours. Set each of your items to Buy it Now Only and you can ask the price you want. Are you selling something in the handmade goods niche market? Try out Etsy.com. It’s pretty sweet. Now, if you have a whole catalog of items with a steady inventory and want to use the internet to allow for credit card transactions, shopping carts and more, you’ve got a lot of choices.

There are some tools out there that will help you get your store up and running with an easy system to maintain your customer and item databases. These are usually buy-in systems and we really don’t like them much. Our latest ecommerce project uses a tool called Americommerce. With this system, you can log in and track basically everything. The only trouble is making the thing look pretty. If you have a design that you are trying to follow, then forget about it. You’ll make more progress banging your head against a wall than trying to fight the CSS that is auto-generated with this system. If you don’t care what your site looks like, then this system could be just the right fit. Customizable templates are available and it boasts quite powerful back end functionality.

If you do have a design that you want to follow, then by all means get set up with a foxy cart account. They have the best tools for developers to integrate ecommerce solutions into both existing websites and brand new sites. It works a lot like paypal buttons, except you can style everything according to your client’s colors and logos. It uses a slightly modified jQuery library to connect to their servers so that you don’t have to worry about SSL, HTMLS, secure connections, blah blah blah… they do it for you so you can spend time engaging in fun coding.

So, if you are a developer, next time you get approached with an ecommerce project, don’t choose Americommerce, and choose foxy cart. Spread the word—it’s the best ecommerce solution out there.

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