Dove Lewis, Another Zoom Neighbor

In addition to Lisa’s Won’t you be my neighbor post about the good neighbors around Zoom, I would like to point out another good neighbor directly across the street, Dove Lewis. Dove Lewis is a 24-hour emergency animal hospital. While we don’t rely on their services every day, it’s nice to know they are there when you need them.

Fortunately I have only needed them once—so far…

It was an early Sunday morning about 5 years ago. I was just waking up, and my wife, Bridget, was in the living room reading the paper. Hoss was busy being a puppy. I heard some rustling beside the bed, looked over and saw Hoss chewing on something white, but didn’t think too much about and tried unsuccessfully to fall back to sleep.

About 5 minutes later I decided to get up. I looked over to see what Hoss had been chewing on but didn’t see anything, just him chewing on my shoelaces or something. I asked Bridget if Hoss had brought anything white and chewed up into the living room. She said that he had not and then came into the bedroom to find out what it might have been. After looking around the room she screamed, “I think Hoss ate my underwear!”

As new dog owners we had no idea what to do. We called Dove Lewis and they told us to bring him in. They said there were two options: 1. we could wait and see if it passes, but it might not and then he would need surgery, or 2. they could induce vomiting and hope he had not eaten anything sharp that could injure him on the way up. We asked them to induce vomiting and they took him away to work their “magic”. About ten minutes later he was returned to us safe and sound. They said he barfed up the underwear…as well as two socks! Then they asked if we wanted them back! Needless to say, our house has been a lot cleaner since the incident. ALL our clothes now make it into the laundry basket.



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  1. judy schneider says:

    Der Hossmeister does not appreciate this re-airing of all his old “dirty laundry!”


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